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Helping Lupe

Lupe suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Normal everyday tasks have become too difficult for her and she cannot afford proper medical attention.
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Helping Jackie

When Jackie was one and a half years old she was in a car accident with her mother. Her mother died and three years later Jackie developed scoliosis.
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Helping Lety

Leticia is a single mother with three children who is battling breast cancer. The first mastectomy took a toll on her finances and she requires help for future treatment.
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Pueblo San Rafael

San Rafael de los Moreno is a pueblo located one and a half hours south of Puerto Vallarta. The goal for San Rafael is to create a self-reliant and self-sustainable community.
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Helping Depends On You

Impulsos de Aguila, a non-profit organization in Puerto Vallarta, has asked the FAMA Foundation to help their organization assist them by providing depends for paralyzed senior citizens.
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Horizonte de Paz

Horizonte de Paz is a drug rehabilitation clinic located in Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta. It was learned that the goal of the center was to add a concrete floor, a roof, and bunk beds.
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Rancho Graciano Sanchez

Rancho Graciano Sanchez is a small village of ten families located in Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco. FAMA is helping the families to become self-sustainable by teaching them to become organic farmers.
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About FAMA

The FAMA Foundation works to empower economically disadvantaged people in the underserved communities of Spanish-speaking countries by providing educational, financial and health-related support with the goal of creating self-reliant and self-sustainable communities and households in these regions.