Ann Marie Sheehan

Ann Marie Sheehan is a business owner working in the financial services industry and has built her business through referrals from clients, education and commitment to her work. She currently manages over $150 million in assets for approximately 200 clients.
Given the needs of her clients, Ms. Sheehan has structured her practice to include two businesses: The first is an investment advisory service focus on future planning, the second business is an income tax practice for individuals, trusts and small businesses.
In 1985, Ms Sheehan became the Charter President of the Golden Gate Chapter of the California Society of Enrolled Agents, one of the largest and most successful chapters of the National Association of Enrolled Agents. She served as a Director of the State Board in 1985 and 1986 and chaired the nominating committee and served as a member on various others. Since 1986 she has chaired an annual 3-day tax seminar for tax professionals with over 300 attendees in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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