Arturo Medina

Arturo Medina is president and founder of Rivera Advertising located in San Juan Bautista. The Advertising Agency is a boutique agency focusing on local and regional radio, television and print advertising. Arturo has over 20 years of experience in the advertising field, which began in 1991 working for Telemundo of Northern California.
Arturo has a long history of involvement in the local community. He is a former Planning Commissioner and was involved heavily in the development of the general plan. Arturo was elected to serve on the San Juan Bautista City Council and has served as Mayor. He was active in moving forward a much needed infrastructure project through the final plan approvals with the US Economic Development Agency (EDA) and securing 5.2 million dollars in funding commitments. In addition to political involvement he also coached Little League Baseball and CYSA soccer for 9 years.
Arturo is fully bilingual in Spanish and holds a B.S. in Business Administration with an Option in Marketing Management and an A.A. in Liberal Studies.

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