Mike Pérez

Mike Pérez is a retired corporate manager and small business owner. As a volunteer in various organizations, he provides senior management leadership, financial counsel, and operational coordination to nonprofit organizations in Mexico, United States and abroad. Mike has always combined business career with community service.
Mike worked his way through college while volunteering in state cultural and spiritual events. As a young engineer at the age of 26, he was selected as an Outstanding Young Man of the Year for the entire state of Washington. Mike is well known for his vast experience in serving marginalized and disadvantaged people for over 40 years.
Mike has a bachelor's of science in engineering, a master's of science in engineering and an executive master's of business administration. Mike has engineered in public and private construction, taught undergraduate students and managed large corporate operations at the executive level.

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The FAMA Foundation works to empower economically disadvantaged people in the underserved communities of Spanish-speaking countries by providing educational, financial and health-related support with the goal of creating self-reliant and self-sustainable communities and households in these regions.