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On April 5, 2020 Patricia called Costa Sur to check on the staff and she learned that, Due to COVID, the hotel was closing down and the employees were being furloughed. Since Mexico lacks a national employment insurance system, the employees would not be receiving any funding during a pandemic. An emergency FAMA board meeting was called and the board decided to provide all 110 employees with a hundred dollar grocery gift card. $11,000 was donated by FAMA.

Then, on July 28, 2020 a few of the Costa Sur timeshare owners reached out to Patricia, because, although Costa Sur had reopened, only 60 employees were working. Juan Carlos, one of the bellhops, has had kidney issues and is on dialysis. Due to COVID, Santos, one of the housekeepers, was in the hospital, some employees were home because they are in the vulnerable category, and the rest were unemployed.

Although the employees that were laid off receive compensation for 5 days of work, it is not enough for them to live on over an extended period. They do not receive any government assistance or extensions on their bills. Therefore, FAMA decided that it would make another donation to the non-working employees. On August 19, 2020 the sick, vulnerable, and unemployed employees received one hundred and thirty dollars each.

Costa Sur is still not fully operational and many employees are still out of work. On October 13, 2020 FAMA made a third donation of one hundred dollars each to the sick, vulnerable, and unemployed employees of Costa Sur.

The employees were very grateful as you can see by the pictures and the video. If you want to help continue this effort, you can donate by clicking and donating.


Ann Marie, Dan and Patricia have been Costa Vida/Costa Sur timeshare members for over 30 years. The administration and staff have always been kind and caring people who make sure to meet our every need. Therefore, when Patricia founded the FAMA Foundation one of the purposes was to give back to the people who had given us so much. Three of our medical projects came directly from Costa Sur, and the administration has always been very appreciative that FAMA cares for their employees in times of need. To show their appreciation, they allow us to have an annual fundraiser on the premises, and they provide the venue, food, drinks, and servers.

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