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Pueblo San Rafael


While visiting the village one day, FAMA learned that a group of women had learned to become seamstresses. Sewing machines and materials were donated, and a sewing instructor was provided for a year by Tomatlan (a nearby town). After much coaching by a FAMA member, and donated material the women began making and selling uniforms and clothing. They also sell their products at the annual FAMA fundraiser in Puerto Vallarta. In order to help the women become self-sustainable FAMA has paid for one year of rent for their sewing facility.

San Rafael de los Moreno is a pueblo located one and a half hours south of Puerto Vallarta. They do not have a medical facility. San Rafael has both Scorpion and deadly spiders that require an antidote. Several people have died on the way to the nearest clinic, which is 45 minutes away. The injections cost $70.00 and residents average a weekly salary of $40.00. The FAMA foundation has provided five anecdotes. The goal for San Rafael is to create a self-reliant and self-sustainable community. The community council has asked for help to finish a road, a sewer extension and water treatment. Our involvement has initiated a discussion between government agencies and this pueblo.

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