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Helping Lety

On February 17, 2015 Patricia Pérez received an email from Veronica Villa, the office manager, of Costa Sur in Puerto Vallarta asking if the FAMA Foundation was able to help Leticia, a housekeeper on the third floor of the south tower at Costa Sur. Leticia had recently been diagnosed with developing a second breast cancer, and Leticia would need another mastectomy. The first mastectomy took a toll on her finances.

FAMA unanimously voted to assist Leticia. FAMA has helped Leticia financially with the second mastectomy; she has made over 25 visits traveling to and from Guadalajara, Mexico for doctor appointments, chemo, and radiation treatments. Besides travel, FAMA also pays for medications and medical analysis.

Unfortunately in 2017, the cancer spread and Leticia developed throat cancer. At that time, Leticia started working part-time. Unfortunately, in March of 2019, she became too weak to continue working.

FAMA has committed to continue to support Leticia. Please help our foundation continue to provide the best quality of life for Leticia.

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