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At FAMA, we are proud to have helped many individuals and communities over the years. Read more about some of the work we've been able to do thanks to the support of our partners, volunteers, and team.

CECyTE Plantel Primo Tapia High School – Outdoor Lunch area

Primo Tapia High School currently has 400 students and had outdoor lunch seating for only 48 students. The lunch area was covered with shade cloth, which was torn and disintegrating. Rotary club of La Misión, MX and FAMA Foundation collaborated to expand the lunch area and covered the entire area with new shade fabric.


Costa Sur Emergency Relief

Costa Sur Resort & Space provide many jobs in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Due to COVID, Costa Sur was shut down and the employees were being furloughed. Since Mexico lacks a national employment insurance system, the employees did not receive any funding amidst a pandemic. FAMA helped employees at Costa Sur by donating funds for emergency relief.


Mujeres Independent Business of Pueblo San Rafael 

While helping Pueblo San Rafael finish a road, a sewer extension, and water treatment, FAMA learned that a group of women had learned to become seamstresses. FAMA has assisted the women in going from a sewing circle to an independent business making and selling uniforms and clothing.


Pueblo San Rafael Becoming a Self-Sustainable Community

 The community does not have access to a hospital in a scorpion-affected area and is living in extreme poverty. With little access to finished roads, clean water or a functioning sewer system. The goal for San Rafael is to create a self-reliant and self-sustainable community. 


Helping Lupe

Lupe suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 12 years when FAMA connected with her. Living in chronic pain, she was unable to walk or support herself. 

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Rancho Graciano Sanchez Becoming a Self-Sustainable Community

Graciano Sanchez is a small village that did not have a means of environmental or economical growth. FAMA is helping the families to become economically self-sustainable by teaching them to become organic farmers,


Helping Jacqueline

Five year old Jacqueline was diagnosed with a spinal curvature at a 40 degree angle which increased to a 90 degree angle. Her family quickly ran out of resources to get Jacqueline surgery she needed to correct her spine. FAMA helped provide aid in medical expenses.


Helping Senior Citizens Organizations

A non-profit organization in Puerto Vallarta that provides for paralyzed senior citizens needed disposable undergarments for their community. 


Horizonte de Paz Clinic Capacity

A clinic overpopulated with residents had no space to house new members seeking assistance in drug rehabilitation. This resulted in patients sleeping on concrete while in recovery. FAMA increased Horizonte de Paz rehabilitation Clinic capacity.


Helping Lety

FAMA was called to serve when Leticia was diagnosed with a second breast cancer, after surviving a mastectomy that drained her resources. FAMA helped Leticia with financial assistance for medical and travel-related costs.



When you partner or donate to FAMA, you are helping bring more ease and happiness into lives where small acts truly can make a big difference. If interested in getting involved or donating, we would love your support!

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