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Helping Lupe


Lupe lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 12 years when FAMA connected with her. Living in chronic pain, she was unable to walk or support herself.


FAMA provided relief in assisting with Lupe’s housing, wheelchair, handicap equipment, and medication to allow her to live a more comfortable lifestyle.


Lupe lived out her life in a more comfortable environment until she passed. Lupe’s family and the FAMA foundation worked together to cover Lupe’s final resting place and funeral expenses.

FAMA is sad to announce that Lupe passed away on July 18, 2020. FAMA began helping Lupe in 2012; at the time she had had rheumatoid arthritis for 12 years. Lupe was unable to afford to take care of herself. She was unable to walk and lived with chronic pain. The FAMA Foundation provided a portion of her housing, a wheelchair, handicap equipment, medication, and funeral expenses.


When you partner or donate to FAMA, you are helping bring more ease and happiness into lives where small acts truly can make a big difference. If interested in getting involved or donating, we would love your support!

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